Read my rules please! Literally PERFECT ! MEEEEEEEE

Normal, humble beautiful with various fetishes. :grin: I need a bit of Money so I am offering something sexy for it. Vids, Nudes, GF exp, sexting, texting, daily, updates etc blabla. Happen to be the best !! At least on this shitty website LMAO. I am mostly looking for long term “fans”. Quality over Quantity? :blush:


  1. Hopefully older than 25
  2. Tell me where you got my username or I will ignore you.
  3. Be honest
    4.No dick pics unless I ask for them before you become my fan…then its a must… unless you are shy :blush: :smiley:
  4. No more Just these 4. :smiley:

Hey i wanna be a fan (;

Nice body and beautiful

Well that would be really perfect but why are you texting me here? haha

beautiful cat eyes… I had to comment, sorry :kissing_heart: